Integrating OASIS and  with the in the website in present context of globalization, will serve the purpose of reducing the distance and geographical barrier by bringing the whole World together and closer thereby building room family. I thank CBSE authorities for directing us to comply in developing the site for the ultimate benefit of our students and official communique.

It was a distant dream but now I am proud that our School is launching its very own website.  I hope and believe that the website will go a long way in developing adequate awareness, understanding and appropriate life skills among the students and commoners.



- Big and spacious compound.

- Co-ed School

-  Big audithorium


“The Prelude” is an autobiographical poem in black verse by William Wordsworth, which he started writing at the age of 28 in 1798 and continued writing it throughout his life.

Published posthumously in 1850, the poem was first intended as an introduction to his philosophical poem

“The Recluse”, which Wordsworth never did finish.